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Welcome to the FantageCheese chat box!

Follow the rules under the chat and have fun

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Fantage Cheese Rules

For Everyone:

1. Cussing is allowed, but don't get too crazy.

2. No advertising other chats or blogs! Automatic ban.

3. No posing; posing as staff leads to forever ban.

4. No inappropriate links or pictures.

5. No complaining about hackers or traders on main; we don't care.

6. No Spamming or flooding.

7. Don't come just to be obnoxious or try to troll.

For Staff:

1. Don't kick/ban for a reason not listed above.

2. Give warnings before you ban, unless someone advertises.

3. Don't unban unless permission given by main owner. 

4. Don't mod anyone without main owner's permission.